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Above the Fold Penalty -- Errr I Mean IMPROVEMENT

People don't fascinate me because I'm in sales I'm in sales because people fascinate me Bob Massa ********************************************************************* In yet another in a long list of actions directed at dominating the online ad market, Google announced the "Page Layout Algorithm Improvement"

Successful SEO Strategy – Use the Same One Google Uses

Google’s revenue increased in their 4th quarter pushing the stock value up by approx. 5% when the market opened yesterday. This in spite of declining per click prices, as reported by USA Today: Revenue was $11.34 billion, up from $8.13 billion in the same period a year ago. For its fiscal year, Google hit $50 billion for the first time. Google's results were tempered by an unnerving trend:...

Analysts Say Graph Search No Threat to Google – The Analysts are Wrong!

On January 15th, 2013, Facebook announced the beta launch of their own search service, called Graph Search, because it’s algorithm is based on the remarks and action of the other people in your social graph, The consensus coming out of Wall Street pretty much poo’s poos the notion of Fcebook’s social search engine challenging Google&rs...

The Art of SEO War – How Sun Tzu Would Beat Google

I published a post yesterday, , asking why SEO’s as a community break one of the most important teachings of the author of The Art of War, Sun Tzu, The philosophy I’m referring to is: You must keep the place you’ve chosen as a battleground a secret. The enemy must not know. Force your enemy to ...